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Individualised patient-centered care for women in all stages of their life.

Dudley Gynaecology is a specialist Gynaecology and Obstetrics clinic based in Hamilton, Waikato led by Dr Narena Dudley.
Dr Narena Dudley is a generalist obstetrician and gynaecologist with a passion for patient-centred care, to empower women with the knowledge for shared decision making, to optimise the health and wellbeing for her, her baby and her family.

With an all-female team, we offer you a comprehensive, high quality, gynaecological and obstetric services, from the first contact to the end of your care, in a relaxed and friendly environment, to make you feel at ease.

We ensure you will be respected, heard, and involved with all decisions about your health, to create a specific individualised care plan tailored for you and your health needs. Your health and well-being is our priority.

We are based at Anglesea Surgical Centre and work within the team at ASC Gynaecology, providing comprehensive expert gynaecology and obstetric care.

We are happy to accept self referrals, along with referrals from GPs and other specialists.


Dudley Gynaecology

Dr Narena Dudley


I am a New Zealand born and trained medical specialist, working as a consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Waikato since 2008. I am currently the Medical Director of Women’s and Children’s Health at Waikato Hospital, the Lead Colposcopist, and the Lead Training Supervisor for RANZCOG trainees.

I am fully committed to patient focussed care and work with my patients to ensure optimal health outcomes based on their current physical and personal needs. As a true generalist, I am happy to provide advice on any aspect of women’s health and well-being – both surgical and non-surgical.


  • Cervical dysplasia – evaluation and treatment of abnormal

  • Pap smears

  • Menstrual disorders – heavy menstrual bleeding

  • Minimally invasive surgery

  • Pelvic floor disorders

  • Prolapse management – surgical and non-surgical

  • Pelvic pain – painful periods

  • Contraception

  • Vulval conditions

  • Evaluation and management of pelvic masses

  • Menopause and Hormone replacement therapy

  • Alternatives to hysterectomy

  • Second opinion for surgical procedures

  • Pregnancy and pregnancy related issues

Sally Scott


Sally has a strong administrative and management background, gaining much of her knowledge from being an owner/director of a telecommunication business. Sally brings to our practice substantial experience from employment roles in a range of clinics and office administration.

Sally has extensive experience in social justice and understands the importance of human relationships, integrity, board ethical values and professional competence.

Sally endeavours to deliver a quick response and action to all patients needs and requests, and knows the significance and value of quality care from first contact to end of care.

Helen Sorensen


Helen aspires to carry out tasks with professionalism and consideration. Her duties include supporting the clinicians with various clinical procedures, and following up on patient care and administrative tasks.

She holds qualifications in Health Science and Medical Transcription and Editing. She is responsible for maintaining accurate and complete clinical documents dictated to her, with professional care and consideration of patient privacy

Rachel Potae


Rachel (Ngati Porou ki Harataunga, Ngati Ranginui, Ngati Awa) is a New Zealand born and trained gynaecologist, graduating with her medical degree from Otago University in 1998. She completed her specialist training at Middlemore, Waikato and Tauranga hospitals. Rachel works at Fertility Associates, locums at Waikato Hospital and assists with major gynaecology procedures.

Sherin Prasad


I have worked as a theatre nurse since 2013. I completed my RNFSA training at The University of Auckland in 2021. I work as an RNFSA in the operating theatre assisting the surgeons in gynaecology and general surgery with surgeries such as laparoscopic, laparotomy and breast surgeries. I work together with the surgeon and the perioperative team to deliver an optimal level of patient care. As an RNFSA, I assist in patient positioning, skin preparation, draping, tissue exposure, haemostasis, and wound closure. I am passionate about helping and caring for patients to improve their quality of life by delivering excellent patient care.


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Dudley Gynaecology is dedicated to a high standard of care in women's health